A Guide to Board and Batten Siding

What is Board and Batten?

Traditionally, Board and batten is a siding or paneling style that pairs vertical planks of wood (the boards) with smaller strips of wood (the batten). It was a popular siding choice for barns and farmhouses but is now seeing its time in the spotlight.

How to use Board and Batten Siding

On certain homes, it will serve as a focal point, either in the gables or around the bottom portion of the home. These applications would require a contrasting color to bring out these features; (hint: we suggest pairing neutral siding colors with rich bold accents.)

Design TIPS:

  • Use Board and Batten with Stone! Mixing different materials such as stone and B&B adds more depth and interest to a building’s exterior and can break up sections that might look too plain.
  • Use Board and Batten around windows! Framing your entryway or bay and bow windows with Board and Batten siding will further draw the eye to these areas.  To further enhance the look, trim out the siding, windows and doors in a contrasting color. A brooding dark gray board and batten shade paired with crisp white trims and a bold red door will create a captivating effect.
  • Play with the size! Reverse B&B (wide board and batten), a narrow panel with a wide batten – will result in a more contemporary look as it casts deeper shadow lines. Designers and architects like this look when selecting darker colors for the siding. The narrow batten (thin board and batten), gives a more traditional look and is commonly used to achieve the modern farmhouse

Get inspired to incorporate Board and Batten

Vertical siding can be the perfect design element to add to your next project. With its design versatility and flair, it just may add that « je ne sais quoi » touch.  If you are looking for more design and color inspiration, take a look at our Look Book, a tool to help inspire and guide along this journey.

Why Choose KWP?

KWP’s engineered wood siding is an eco-friendly material (made from 100% recycled wood), stands up beautifully to all weather conditions and offers the deep texture of an authentic wood grain. Traditional look combined with modern design.

KWP products are backed by a 50-year warranty on the substrate and 25 years on the finish, not to mention a product 100% eco-conscious. A trendy siding that will be popular for years to come.

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