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A charming provincial color, Country Red evokes memories of apple orchards and cozy knitted sweaters. This warm color with its brown undertones is the perfect blend of old country tranquility with a touch of modern ingenuity. A shade that can be paired with light trims and accents to further enhance its vibrancy. This red siding brings out its undertones by combining it with darker elements. The possibilities are stunning.

Rose Red Siding
red wine, red siding color
red fruit, red siding


Country Red – siding color
Black – trim color
Coffee – accent color
Country Red – siding color
Granite Rustic – trim color
Pearl Gray – accent color
Country Red – siding color
White – accent color
Granite – accent color

KWP Color Selector Kit

We know it’s tough to pick out the perfect siding color palette for your home.

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