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Spring is upon us, you know what that means… Engineered Wood Siding cleaning!

Cleaning tips for engineered wood siding Is the exterior of your home clad in engineered wood siding? Did you know that it is essential to clean it a few times a year in order to maintain its appearance and longevity? In this article, we will explain through various steps how to effectively clean engineered [...]

Discover our engineered wood siding colors!

Not just brown anymore, discover our engineered wood siding colors! Brown shades have always been one of the most popular wood siding colors for home exteriors. Inspired by nature, these colors were almost exclusively reserved for wood.  Although wood siding colors, such as our Brown Torrefied Rustic, will always remain timeless classics whether it [...]

5 ways siding installation costs might be hurting your bottom line

2019 saw a slight increase in new house prices, an average of 1.93% and 2020 was on track to see a similar trend. When demand for housing increases, this drives housing prices to go up as well. This is great news for the construction industry. However with increased demand comes more competition. Let’s take [...]

Maintaining Engineered Wood Siding vs. Traditional Wood Siding

Engineered Wood Siding vs. Traditional Wood Siding Are you in the process of choosing wood siding for your home exterior?  Wood Siding can add the punch of color and give your home the curb appeal you are looking for.  While it can be aesthetically pleasing, wood siding does come with some drawbacks, including the [...]