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Siding Ideas for Better Curb Appeal in 2021

Are you looking at a brand-new build or perhaps remodelling your home this year? Few things can immediately increase your home’s curb appeal like new siding. Here we list some siding ideas for better curb appeal in 2021. Lap Siding vs. Vertical Siding Craving a traditional, timeless look for your home exterior? Lap siding [...]

Trending Engineered Wood Siding Colors for 2021

At KWP, we believe that color has the power to bring your dream home to life. That’s why we take the time to track design trends and their impact on architecture. This upcoming year, siding color trends are leaning towards cool, fresh undertones which will balance out the natural warmth of wood siding. Check out [...]

4 Easy Tips to Choosing your Home Exterior Siding Colors

Doing a home exterior renovation is a complex process and requires careful planning and if you are like most, you need a little help with the selection process. Here we have some easy tips to help in choosing the best colors to reflect of your home’s architecture, character, and surroundings. Choose the colors that [...]

Vertical or Horizontal Siding: Which is better suited for your home?

When it comes to redesigning and siding for your home’s exterior, there are plenty of choices to make. What color will you choose? What profile will showcase well? Does your home suit horizontal siding or vertical siding? Perhaps both? The list can go on and on! If you are looking for tips on choosing [...]

The “must haves” for your home remodel: trims and corners

Smaller details, like trim and corners, are often overlooked when it comes to adding curb appeal.   However, there is no denying that choosing the perfect design details will dial up your home’s curb appeal to the max. You will find that your home’s exterior needs that finishing touch to make it look complete. Your [...]

The importance of Soffit Panel in your home design

For most people designing their home exterior, thought goes into the elements that will add instant curb appeal. Whether it is siding, windows or doors, these usually take a front seat when it comes to the selection process.  Soffits can, at times, fall into this category; however, there is no denying their importance, both visually [...]

Why Google My Business is important for your business

So you’ve built your website, you are current with your social media platforms and are feeling pretty good about your online presence. You may be wondering “Do I really need to add my business to Google My Business (GMB)?”… Short answer; YES! Here’s why…When a potential customer is running a Google search on your [...]


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