In our last blog, we discussed how a Garden Shed can add to your backyard’s charm.  However, often times, our backyards are neglected due to our focus on interior design and other home improvement projects.  We are now in July and there is no better time to enjoy the outdoors so let’s take a look at some quick fixes to make your backyard an oasis for you to enjoy!

  1. Clean your engineered wood siding!  Follow these easy steps:
  • Close all windows and doors and cover shrubs or flowers in close proximity to the house.
  • Rinse siding with a hose to get rid of surface dirt and dust.
  • Wash with warm water and mild detergent. Mix the solution in a bucket and use a large brush to wash the siding from top to bottom.
  • Rinse entire home right away from top to bottom (with a hose) and make sure all soap and debris are removed.


2. Furniture – Comfortable garden furniture is ideal for lounging on sunny days. Make sure to clean your outdoor sets and check to see if they need to be restored.  A fresh coat of paint is a great way to renew that outdoor look.


3. Add a touch of color to your backyard with some potted and hanging plants. The bright, bold colors will be a beautiful compliment to any landscape.


4. Keeping the lawn trim and shrubs pruned is an easy fix for making your backyard look ready to entertain for those last minute gatherings.

Once these items are crossed off your to-do list, your backyard will be your go-to place to lounge, relax and entertain.