Choosing Siding Colors Inspired by Fall

With autumn upon us, we cannot help but feel inspired by Mother Nature’s beauty. A few colors are definitely synonymous with fall, think of reds, oranges and yellows. Although these colors might not be for everyone, let’s take a look at how they can enhance your home’s beauty through different wood siding colors.

Red Siding Color

Red is often overlooked when thinking of an exterior color but it shouldn’t be. This shade is quite versatile given the chance. Think of pairing red with grays and blacks to capture a contemporary feeling. Mixing it with neutral trims and accents will play down its dramatic flair. Here we have our Country Red color with crisp white trims giving it that charming laid back feeling.

Orange Siding Color

Orange is definitely a statement color. This shade is full of vibrancy and life. This color exudes warmth and complements a variety of colors. Mixing our Cedar color with darker trims such as Commercial Brown will ground this color and tone it down. If you wish to further highlight this shade we suggest pairing it with white. And remember if this shade is too much for you, try it in the gables to bring out your home’s architecture.

Yellow Siding Color

Yellow is often associated with sunshine and with the shorter days upon us who doesn’t want to hold on to it a little longer. Our Maize shade is a creamy yellow that will instantly illuminate your home. This serene color harmonizes perfectly either darker accents or white ones for added touch of light. This color will give your home that welcoming feeling.

We hope we have inspired you with these fall colors, why not see how they can look on your home by uploading your house to our Home Designer 2.0 .  Other shades you might consider: Yellowstone, Yellowstone rustic, walnut rustic, cedar rustic and torrefied brown rustic.