Calusa Estates Apartment Complex

1501 State Route 715

Belle Glade, FL


Green Lantern Services LLC

Multi-Family Trades & Quality Roofing

Mark Shafer C.E.O.

Tampa, FL


Green Lantern Services LLC is a highly synchronized team of conscientious and diligent professionals, from their crews and sales to management and owners. The roofing division provides roof replacements on residential asphalt, tile and metal roofs. They have a highly skilled team specializing in Commercial TPO roofs.

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Calusa Estates is a 132 unit multi-family apartment complex located in Belle Glade, FL. The new construction complex includes 12 ea. two-story apartment buildings of two distinct types, along with a beautiful clubhouse, a maintenance office and a pavilion area with restrooms. Green Lantern Services LLC (GLS) was contracted by Vaughn Bay Construction to install 1100 squares of siding. Approximately 240 squares were to be a concrete molded siding or similar in the high foot-traffic breezeway areas with the balance being multiple styles of vinyl siding. GLS also installed all of the new soffit and fascia, along with an apportionment of the exterior doors and windows.


The primary objective of GLS was to provide the professional installation of high quality, yet cost effective siding where the designed architectural aesthetics’ demanded contrasting artistic styles and textures.


The solution was simply to implement the wide array of vinyl products along with the engineered wood products to deliver the aesthetic desired result combined with the cost effectiveness mandated by multi-family development. A challenging multi-family project for many on-site, GLS excelled from start to finish with the focused guidance and support of their vinyl siding Territory Sales Manager to make the process seamless. To provide further assistance, two representatives from the Corporate Head Office were onsite to give their support, training on the products and installation tips for quality results. Mark was happy with the support and stated that “I have to say that in over 20 years in the construction business, it’s been fairly rare to have that much Corporate and field support by the product manufacturer.”

“We were introduced us to KWP Products and its Eco-Side line. Eco-side is a wood based substitute for molded cement board siding. As previously mentioned, there is a need on these multi-family projects for a very resilient siding product in the breezeways and other high foot traffic areas. Robert Conrad informed me of the Eco-side product and we decided to give it a try. As far as I know Green Lantern Services LLC was the first company to use the Eco-side for the rigorous high volume demands associated with multi-family construction. The Eco-side comes in a number of beautiful pre-finished paint colors or simply primer. The wood grain pattern that is embossed is highly pronounced and gives an exquisite final look. It also comes with all the necessary trim components from inside and outside corner posts to a range of trim widths to suit your specific needs. It is a beautiful finished product with a durability similar to molded cement siding.”
Mark Shafer C.E.O., Green Lantern Services LLC