Ridgewood Gardens

Edmonton, Alberta


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The 4-story complex was in need of a face lift!  The 3 main buildings were looking very old and needed an update.


This project began for Igor and his crew in August 2017.  The team did a lot of research beforehand, knowing that whatever material they chose it needed  to be able to handle the elements of the Alberta climate.   KWP Engineered Wood Siding was the clear choice.


Ridgewood Gardens is a professional and beautiful looking rental property that people are able to proudly call home.  The combination of Prestige in Rustic Walnut and Khaki makes for a stunning exterior.

“I am extremely pleased with how well the KWP handled and installed. We used the KWP Prestige D4.5 in two colours to give a unique look. Both the khaki and rustic walnut stand out beautifully on all of the buildings. Ease of installation and how well my guys can handle the product really helped with a quick and effortless install.

We were able to work closely with inside staff to ensure we had deliveries and product ready to go as we needed which saved time and kept our crew going. We are really looking forward to working with KWP and using their products in the future. “

Igor Bizaev - Owner, Alberta Siding & Exteriors