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Uxbridge, Ontario


Peterborough Exteriors (P.E.)

Peterborough, Ontario

David and Jon Mulligan, Owners/Operators


Founded in 2016, Peterborough Exteriors’ rapid success is a testament to their professionalism and exceptional quality of work. Specializing in exterior finishing using aluminum, vinyl, wood and steel, this family run business has earned a reputation of going above and beyond their clients needs. Proudly winning awards from client nominations, Peterborough Exteriors has set the highest standard and secured their position as the first choice by home and business owners for exterior services across the Kawartha Lakes.

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The primary goal for the homeowner was to achieve a sleek, modern look with rustic accents, while still upholding their eco-friendly values. The homeowner was looking for value without sacrificing quality.

Engineered Wood Siding


Peterborough Exteriors presented the KWP’s Eco-Side Rustic Collection to their client explaining how this engineered wood siding could accomplish the look they wanted while keeping within their budget. Together, they chose Gray Rustic for the main boards and Granite Rustic on the porch ceiling to keep with the color tone of the custom steel work and to create the desired sleek modern look.  Yellowstone Rustic was used for the bump outs and gable ends to achieve the rustic accents wanted by the homeowners. P.E. installed Kaycan soffit and aluminum as accent cladding around the windows and doors, and to create beltlines in order to accent each elevation of this custom home.

“We couldn’t have asked for a more beneficial experience in working on this custom home. We were able to bring our clients vision to life while staying within their budget. The happiness and gratitude they displayed at the completion of this project will keep us recommending Kaycan and KWP for years to come. ”

David & Jon Mulligan, Owners, Peterborough Exteriors