At KWP, we believe that a homeowner should love the home they are in. That being said, there are many steps required in order to reach that state of ultimate happiness: a very important one being the choice of appropriate wood siding colors. Psychology has proven that colors have a direct impact on the mood of the space, so we understand how important it is to inform ourselves and choose wisely!

Using psychology to help choose your wood siding colors


Red is said to raise energy levels. It is a very intense color and tends to pump adrenaline and stir up just the right amount of excitement. It often creates a particularly strong first impression. At KWP we have Country red: This warm color with its brown undertones is the perfect blend of old country tranquility with a touch of modern ingenuity.


Yellow is synonym of sunshine, as it is a very energizing and uplifting color. After all, yellow is said to communicate happiness and creates a very welcoming feeling. We suggest Maize; a lovely sun-soaked color, this is a shade that will not only instantly brighten up your home but your neighborhood as well.


Blue is often synonym of serenity and relaxation and it is known to have a calming effect on its environment. If you are looking to give your home that “sanctuary” look, then blue is just the color for you. A stormy tranquil color, Thunder Blue is a mix of marine blue and shadowy grays. A timeless shade reminiscent of tempestuous sea.


Green is considered as a restful color for the eye. It is a refreshing, yet cheerful color all at once and, like blue, green also has a very calming effect. It encourages the idea of unwinding and comfort. A richly saturated organic color available at KWP; Olive brings forth the green shades we imagine in the Mediterranean olive groves. A shade that will blend with its surroundings, this color is confident without being loud.

Neutrals (black, white, gray, beige or brown)

Neutrals always seem to fall in and out of style, but their power lies in their flexibility. These colors can be paired up or added to almost any color scheme.  KWP has a variety of neutral colors, such as Almond, Coffee, Pearl Gray and Commercial Brown.

Whether you are looking to create a dramatic or a versatile look, you should keep your color wheel close! Choosing the right colors remains an important step. Often enough, it is what makes the difference between a standard project and a stellar one!