Choosing an exterior color for your home is important and our nature-inspired palette will bring life to any home.  So whether you’re looking for a traditional look with soft earth tones, or a contemporary style with bright, dramatic colors, the choice is yours to make.

On top of our beautiful color selection, our engineered wood siding comes pre-painted!

No Onsite Painting = Save on Labor Costs

Plus, our unique painting process plays a huge role in providing the authentic look of wood without any of the upkeep.

Our secret lies with the following few steps!

  • A sealant is applied at the pressing of the panel, ensuring superior adhesion between our first coat of primer and the substrate.
  • Next, we have our 3-coat painting process: 1 coat of primer and 2 top coats. We use an industrial exterior latex paint, formulated specifically for our application process.
  • State-of-the-art temperature controlled air drying equipment is used versus oven-baked. We do this to maintain the maximum level of flexibility of the paint.  The key is to avoid damages to the paint film.

Our Home Designer 2.0 allows you to see how our selection of colors will look on your home.  Upload a photo of your home and choose your siding, accent and trim!