Considering a change to your home’s exterior color or a complete home exterior renovation? This project might be influenced by subliminal factors.

Ever wonder why we choose certain colors over others? Some studies claim our selections are deeply rooted by emotion. Red is deemed powerful, attention grabbing (think of a stop sign) while yellow is cheery and playful (like many children’s toys). Could this be true? Are we that fickle? There must be more to it…

Our surroundings may also play a role. We are not just referring to our neighborhoods; we would even say our country plays an important role in deciding the color palette for our home. In San Francisco, pastel homes are the norm. Muted pinks and blues. In Istanbul, bright vivid oranges and yellows are all lined up in a row. Even landscape influences color. Homes by the seaside are usually sunny while homes in the city centers are gray and unassuming.

Architecture can also persuade us. Victorian homes are generally light and discreet in shade. Modern dwellings have a tendency of leaning towards darker hues….think granite.

With all these discreet nudges pulling us, it is normal to feel overwhelmed.

Engineered siding manufacturers use a variety of colors. Take a step back, think of your top 3 colors and explore. Use color swatches, online visualizers such as our Home Designer 2.0 and play around. Enjoy the possibilities!