What is Lap Siding?

Lap Siding is a siding profile that is installed horizontally and overlap one another. Available in a variety of classic styles including the popular Dutch Lap and Horizontal Lap profiles.

Traditional and timeless, Lap Siding is a perfect choice for your home exterior.  The more popular cladding for homes, lap siding boasts a classic look.  With many ways to customize through textures, shadow lines, and siding colors, it makes it an easy choice for any project.  Whether you are looking for a dutch lap or bevel profile, wood grain or smooth, KWP Engineered Wood Siding has a wide selection of lap siding profiles to select from.  Find the perfect one for you!

Design Tips Using Lap Siding

  • Play with profile size! The wider profiles are best suited for stately homes.
  • Select a bold, dark color to make a statement.
  • Be adventurous! Play around with different shades and mixed materials. This will create major curb appeal!
brown kwp lap siding

Use our online home exterior design tool: HOME DESIGNER 2.0 to help you decide on the new look for your remodeling or new construction project. It’s easy. Just upload a picture or blueprint of your home or project, or pick from a variety of sample homes. Next, apply KWP’s siding, trims, and accessories, then add KWP’s colors. Print or download your unique design and, voila! You’re ready to go with a blueprint for your project!