Since the launch of the Eco-side Rustic Collection, customers have expressed their deep love for the profile. This collection brings a timeless and natural beauty to any architectural style, because of the contrast created between its two tones. Moreover, it is possible to create a variety of color combinations with this collection. Here is a glimpse of the different possible wood siding colors combinations.

Sierra Siding Colours

A classic confident color, Sierra Rustic is a warm complex shade. A variety of hues ranging from reddish brown to black create this profound color. Reminiscent of a walk through the woods, this shade offers nature’s quiet elegance.

Combo Option: Sierra Rustic siding can easily be paired with black trims and a Khaki accent color, to create a flawless combination.

Granite Siding Colours

The darkest of our colors, Granite Rustic teeters between the smokiest of grays and a true black. Much more flattering than a standard black with its underlying blue tones, this color demands attention!

Combo Option: Granite Rustic siding can be paired up with Pearl Gray trims and a Country Red accent color, to create the perfect style.

Walnut Siding Colours

A striking cool mid-tone brown, Walnut Rustic evokes a quiet elegance. As its name suggests, this color showcases the various hues found in the walnut. Naturally chic!

Combo Option: Walnut Rustic siding colours can be paired with Commercial Brown trims and a Cedar accent color. This creates a natural look.

Take a look at our Color Inspiration pages for a variety of color combination suggestions, depending on the rustic color you choose!