Hampton Shake Siding


The best Cedar Shake Siding isn’t wood – it’s composite wood

If you are looking for the perfect design element that will add just the right amount of rustic charm, look no further than to shingle siding. Authentic Cedar Shake Siding comes with a long list of issues; so, these days’ people are turning towards a composite or engineered wood to achieve the same look.

Get the beauty of real cedar with KWP engineered wood

You can get the charm of classic cedar shakes with none of their maintenance with KWP shake siding. Our vintage blend of beauty and craftsmanship combined with modern technology, delivers a stunning look for your home. Adding engineered wood shakes to the gables of your home will not only add visual interest, it will also provide added design dimension.

Design Tips!

  • Mostly used as a decorative element, Shakes are usually on the gables of a home but can also be seen as the main cladding selection. Try our online home exterior design tool!
  • In design, we love mixing colors and textures (our Hampton Shakes offer both elements!) Choosing them in a contrasting color will give your home a unique identity, making it a stand out in the neighborhood.
  • Reflecting the warmth conveyed by cedar shingles we are partial to our Sierra, Cedar and Pearl Gray.
  • Also, think of adding trims in contrasting colors such as a white to bring it all to life.
  • Let’s not forget the texture aspect of our Hampton Shakes. Don’t be afraid of incorporating them with other existing materials, be it vinyl, wood, or even brick. Intermingling different textures will show your architectural flair.

Color Options



  • Designed Interlock System for precise alignment and ease of installation.
  • Heavy duty ½” thickness, 30% thicker than competitive products.
  • 7 7/8” wide and 4′ long panels are perfect for accent or total coverage.
  • Superior design allows for all nails to be hidden.
  • Baked-on finish for ultra-low maintenance.
  • Resist termite damage, buckling, delaminating, fungal decomposition, peeling and splitting.
  • Available in the full palette of designer colors.
  • 50-year warranty against cracking, denting and hail damage and 25-year on the finish.


104′ (1.22 m)23.3 (2.16 m2)


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Hampton Shakes Installation Instructions

Why Choose KWP?


KWP is a leading sustainable and ecologically conscious manufacturer of quality engineered wood siding. We use 100% recycled post industrial content in our Eco-Side collection.

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Durable & Pre-finished

Eco-Side engineered wood siding resists termite damage and will not rot, crack or split. It is factory painted which eliminates on site painting.

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All KWP products include a 50-year warranty against cracking, denting and hail damage and 25-year on the finish.

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