Our evenings are getting cooler, the leaves are turning and football is back.

Yes, it seems fall is upon us.

As we dive into fall, we can’t help but notice that as every season changes, so does our color palette.  In the spring and summer we think of vivid, intense colors while winter seems to call for more subdued tones.  The fall is a festival of color, brimming with warm, rich and cozy undertones.

These changes can influence everything, from what we wear to what we eat.  It can even have an impact on our design style.  Choosing color combinations for our home is no different.  That’s why, at KWP, we offer a wide range of colors, from bright and bold to deep and rich.

One of the popular color choices of the fall is Cedar; it can be seen just about anywhere.  It is a sophisticated hue and is a great complement to classic colors.  Known for its striking combinations, Cedar is timeless and elegant.  If you are interested in discovering fall-inspired color combinations, take a look at our downloadable inspiration guide!

If you want to experiment with different styles and colors on your home, try our Home Designer 2.0.  Check out this home with Cedar Hampton Shakes! Or why not try Ecoside 8” in Yellowstone Rustic?  There are so many options at your fingertips!

Cedar Shakes
Yellowstone Rustic