With the holidays upon us, we can’t help but be drawn to bright colors like red; a hue that always demands attention. Choosing a red-tone siding screams “look at me” but, rest assured, it works well with other shades.

Check out these tips to incorporate red with your exterior wood siding:

  • A vivid fire engine red surely speaks with a loud voice. If you are drawn to this shade, you are definitely not a wallflower! Pair this color with white trims, black shutters and black front door and instantly elevate your home to a beautiful, stately abode.


  • Choosing a warmer red, think cinnamon sticks, will make your home feel at one with its surroundings. This red tone blends well with a mature neighborhood, nestled amongst maple trees and lovely expansive flower beds. Marrying earth tones such as dark browns seems like the perfect match.


  • Cooler reds, visualize raspberry shades, dress up contemporary homes. Mixing them with different grays and stone will transform your home into a show stopper. Lending itself to much more of an urban look, we can picture very clean lines, oversized windows and a zen-like vibe.


  • Reds are not for the faint at heart, but keep an open mind….maybe change one element of your home. The front door, for instance. This will draw the eye straight to your entrance. Shutters can frame your home and create quite a statement when chosen in this color.


  • Discover Country Red  from our wood siding colors, a warm color with its brown undertones is the perfect blend of old country tranquility with a touch of modern ingenuity.

Whatever shade you choose, be confident that it will enhance your home and make it stand out.