In 2016, KWP launched Home Designer 2.0, a tool that is used to help homeowners, builders, remodelers, designers and architects in their decision making process when it comes to selecting home exterior products.

When we first launched, we met Kevin & Jodi, homeowners, who were in the beginning stages of building their home and were excited with all the possibilities at their disposal.  We had the opportunity to sit down with them, upon the completion of their project, to see how their journey was and if they were happy with the final product.

KWP: Tell us about the project itself. 

We built this house to fit the needs of our family. We broke ground October 2016, moved in April 1st.

KWP: How did you discover KWP?

A friend of mine, in town, just resided her house with KWP. She told me about all of the benefits of the product and said it was a clear choice for her. That led me to the KWP website and FB page.

KWP: What helped you in your color choice?

The moment I saw the yellow house on your website, that was it. There was no other option for me. I’ve always had a thing for yellow houses! They look so happy to me. In a province that has winter for 6 months of the year, I didn’t want a grey house!

KWP: How was your service with KWP?

I have been very impressed with the service from KWP. I had a lot of questions throughout the exterior design and I felt they gave me more help than was required; even showing me different colour options, using Home Designer 2.0, with my exterior drawings.  It was very helpful in making final design choices.

KWP: Are you happy with the end product?

I’m more than happy. I wouldn’t change anything, I love our house.

Check out the Kevin & Jodi’s project from beginning to end!