Not just brown anymore, discover our engineered wood siding colors!

Brown shades have always been one of the most popular wood siding colors for home exteriors. Inspired by nature, these colors were almost exclusively reserved for wood.  Although wood siding colors, such as our Brown Torrefied Rustic, will always remain timeless classics whether it be on a traditional or modern home, the warmth they exude is their best feature.

However, if you are going with wood, brown isn’t your only option!  Discover the color possibilities at your fingertips:

Torrefied Brown Rustic

Gray rustic

This color is definitely one of our most versatile ones. This gray shade is highlighted by warm undertones, giving it a wonderful traditional touch. Pairing up this color with rich colored accessories will enhance the many brown tones found in this shade. Reveal its gray side by choosing accents in black or darker gray shade.


Although not as bright as some of our other shades, we believe that this color will be one of most popular ones. Marrying this rich green with earth tones will showcase its full potential.  A beautifully organic color choice for any home style.

Thunder Blue

A stormy tranquil color, Thunder Blue is a mix of marine blue and shadowy grays; a timeless shade reminiscent of tempestuous sea.

Country Red

This red tone blends well with a mature neighborhood, nestled amongst maple trees and lovely expansive flower beds; marrying earth tones such as dark browns seems like the perfect match.

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