Now that Pantone has released their color of the year: Ultra Violet, 2018 color trends are popping up everywhere from fashion, makeup to interior design as well as exterior home colors. In 2017, colors were subdued and quite neutral such as grays and taupes but this year everything is shifting.

We are predicting for 2018 intense, bold colors perhaps mimicking people’s intense lifestyles. So what are the “it” colors for 2018? Check it out.

Cedar rustic

A pop of color that will draw in the eye. We love combining this shade with darker tones to fully reveal its complexity. Warmth and drama all in one, we love how it stands out against nature’s canvas.


A vivid color that will definitely command attention. This intense shade will enhance your home’s curb appeal, your home will surely not be the wallflower of the neighborhood clad in this color.

Granite rustic

A bold color in its own right, this almost black color is full of intensity. This shade combines the deepest of grays with wisps of black to create a unique tone that will instantly make your home a trendsetter.


Although not as bright as some of our other shades, we believe that this color will be one of most popular ones. Marrying this rich green with earth tones will showcase its full potential . A beautifully organic color choice for any home style.


This one of a kind shade, a combination of dark green with smoky gray, is full of depth and dimension. Its intensity is brought forth by the gray undertones in this color, pairing it with black accessories will further its dramatic flair.

We are also predicting that the following neutral colors will remain at the top in 2018:

Gray rustic

This color is definitely one of our most versatile ones. This gray shade is highlighted by warm undertones, giving it a wonderful traditional touch. Pairing up this color with rich colored accessories will enhance the many brown tones found in this shade. Reveal its gray side by choosing accents in black or darker gray shade.

Walnut rustic

This color has such profound tones, from light to dark brown, that it can suit any architectural style. A shade that evokes nature itself, it’s no wonder this color is poised to be a standout in 2018. A wonderfully comfortable color, this shade will add warmth to any home.

Torrefied brown rustic

A deep, rich brown with a glimpse of black. This color is multi-dimensional and will pair nicely with a variety of colors and materials. Not only does this color combine the traditional color of wood, it also showcases the contemporary black undertones.

Whether you are looking to add a splash of color, intense richness or a neutral uplift to your home, our 2018 color predictions have something to suit every need.  Visit each color page for inspiration with color pairings as well as our photo gallery for ideas.

Wishing you a “colorful” 2018!