Meet Susan and Robert, homeowners who chose KWP Engineered Wood Siding for their home remodel!

What first drew you to this house when you bought it?

Our house is on a lot with a log cabin constructed about 34 years ago. It is a picturesque setting with lots of daily wildlife visits. We actually only live 2 miles away so it was a great vision to add to the cabin to fit our family’s needs.

The location and the barn were the big attractions; with the vision of what the cabin could become resonating to both of us.

What had brought you to choosing KWP Engineered Wood Siding?

Actually, we were going to use other siding options on our home. We were in Blue Ridge Lumber selecting windows when we saw your display. The salesman provided us with a list of homes to go see so we could see the siding up close. I happened upon your Facebook page while trying to navigate the website designer and the customer service was fantastic. KWP made each request come to life and helped us make our decision with no doubts!! They had great ideas and we worked together and we cannot be happier with the results! Of course, the quality was apparent from the first sample.

How was the color selection process?  We know at times it can be a tad overwhelming.

KWP made it so much easier with their color suggestions. Also, our salesman gave us as many large samples as he had.  Mike from Sherwood, the installer and our salesman came out and worked with us to finalize the color choices and even helped us pick the most complimentary roof to keep all of the colors together.  Seeing it in person helped a lot to solidify our decisions!

Once the project got under way, how long did it take?

We aren’t done yet but, should be by June 30th! The siding and windows were completed in April. We started the actual process with the architect in June 2018 so, just about 1 year!

Now that the project is done, is it what you envisioned?

It is more than we could have ever hoped for!!!