KWP Products knows that for the professional, the choice of the materials used for every project is a big one.  Here, we make it an easy (and obvious) choice to select KWP as your engineered wood siding.

KWP Products is a leading manufacturer in exterior building solutions. Our focus is to help builders sell more homes, increase their profits and grow their market share.

Differentiate your company from the competition

Are you looking to separate your business from the competition? See what sets us apart from the rest.

  • KWP Products is a privately-held, and debt-free, 3rd generation company. Because of that, we make quick decisions as we don’t have layers of management like our competition.
  • We have a dedicated and knowledgeable sales team that provides leads, service, product knowledge, training and market trends to help grow your business.
  • Being vertically-integrated, we don’t have issues with supply, allowing you to meet your lead times.
  • Added bonus, KWP uses 100% recycled wood. FSC certified & eligible for LEED points!

“I am extremely pleased with how well the KWP handled and installed. We used the KWP Prestige D5 in two colours to give a unique look. Both the khaki and rustic walnut stand out beautifully on all of the buildings. Ease of installation and how well my guys can handle the product really helped with a quick and effortless install.

 We were able to work closely with inside staff to ensure we had deliveries and product ready to go as we needed which saved time and kept our crew going. We are really looking forward to working with KWP and using their products in the future. “

Igor Bizaev – Owner

Igor Bizaev - Owner, Alberta Siding & Exteriors

Sell more homes with enhanced curb appeal

KWP’s color and profile selection is simply stunning. We offer a wide range of colors to elevate any design you may have in mind.  Our true showstoppers include the colors in our Rustic Collection.  Your homes will stand out from the crowd with their two-tone effect!

Want more design inspiration? Our Lookbook features a range of styles and designs to showcase the variety and potential in our profiles. Whether you want a traditional look with soft earth tones, or a contemporary style with bright, dramatic colors, the choice is yours.

Get Yours Today!

Looking for solutions to your fiber cement problems? Yup, KWP solves that too.

  • Using state of the art engineering and manufacturing techniques, Eco-side is 50% lighter than fiber cement siding, making the panel easier than ever to handle.
  • No special tools required!
  • Quick & Easy installation = Less Labor
  • Finish jobs 10-12% faster!
  • Use 8-10% less product because it does not break, crack or chip.

Looking for marketing support? We have got you covered.

In the world of social media, consistency is key and we know that can be hard when you have so many other things to take care of! At KWP, we have a Digital Tool Kit for you! We send you content directly to help you fill your social post pipeline.

If you are even looking for marketing support to help your clients select colors for their remodel, we provide you with tools for that as well! Check it out! 

Protect your reputation

All KWP products and accessories are backed by a 50|25 year warranty. That’s 50 years on the substrate and 25 years on the finish. So you can rest easy knowing that you have chosen products that will protect your reputation as a prominent builder.

Are you ready to talk to a local representative? Contact us today!