Trending Engineered Wood Siding Colors for 2022

We believe that color has the power to transform the look of any project, and not to mention its influence on a person’s mood. We have seen, in the past year, a shift towards soothing neutrals as well as uplifting shades perhaps driven by the push for a new beginning after the year we have all had.

KWP’s Marketing Director and Trend/Product Consultant, Diana Sousa said “Natural colors and textures will be at the top of the list this upcoming year as more and more people are seeking cozy harmonious exterior for their home.”


At the top of the list of nature inspired trending color is Cactus. This green hue is softened by gray undertones adding muted notes that complement nature’s surroundings. Because Cactus is a neutral color, it provides a perfect backdrop for a darker exterior door, windows and shutters. Its subtlety creates a calm welcoming exterior yet prominent enough to set you apart from the rest.


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Gray tones are once again featured in our trending colors for 2022. Ranging in tonality and undertones, gray shades offer versatility and style. A quite neutral gray, like Gray Rustic, can make quite a statement. Whichever shade you choose, grays can complement a variety of color palettes.

Gray Rustic

Yellowstone Rustic

Since the start of 2021, we saw an increase in the popularity of this cheery color; people wanted to brighten up their exterior. Yellow shades will instantaneously revitalize and refresh any exterior project. They also add that much coveted curb appeal. Yellowstone Rustic is a two-tone versatile shade! Combine it with white trims for a crisp look or if you are looking for a contemporary color pairing, try gray. Whichever shade you choose, we know it will be eye catching.

Torrefied Brown Rustic

Evoking that calmness that everyone is looking for, brown shades are poised to be in high demand this coming year. Torrefied Brown Rustic is a perfect color choice for traditional or modern architectural styles. It also work well with mixed materials by highlighting their undertones; a perfect way to refresh the exterior of any home.


A timeless classic, this color is at the very top of the list for 2022. We saw a huge spike in popularity in 2021 and it’s definitely not slowing down. This shade will not only make your exterior look larger, it also offers numerous design possibilities. White will match any roof or window color, allowing for pops of color with your front door or exterior decor (shutters, planters…). Let’s not forget white is also the perfect shade for the extremely popular modern farmhouse style.

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