The more popular cladding for homes, lap siding boasts a classic look. Installing your engineered wood lap siding horizontally will bring a timeless look for your home.

Vertical or Horizontal Siding: Which is better suited for your home?

When it comes to redesigning and siding for your home’s exterior, there are plenty of choices to make. What color will you choose? What profile will showcase well? Does your home suit horizontal siding or vertical siding? Perhaps both? The list can go on and on! If you are looking for tips on choosing [...]

Updating your home exterior: Tips and Tools that can help

Now more than ever, home's role seems to be our safe refuge   Home is also where we often express our personalities. Now that many of us are home, we are looking at the interior and exterior of our abodes with a more critical eye. Perhaps some of you are designing and planning an upcoming [...]

Brown Siding: Trending Siding Colors 2020

Brown shades have always been one of the most popular wood siding colors for home exteriors. Trending in 2020, Torrefied Brown Rustic and Commercial Brown, allow for great design versatility.  These engineered wood colors pair nicely with a variety of materials from stone to aluminum, the design options are countless.  These shades are also used [...]

KWP Siding: Your Frontrunner For Eco-friendly Siding

More and more, homeowners are looking for eco-friendly siding options for their home.  If this is you, take a look at factors to consider. Choosing Eco-Friendly Siding KWP leads the way in ecologically-conscious manufacturing of engineered wood siding and trim board. KWP has implemented stringent and effective measures to minimize our energy consumption in our eleven [...]

Acadia Rustic: Trending Siding Color 2020

Boosting your home’s curb appeal starts with your exterior color scheme. Our 2020 Trending Colors are predicting a more organic color palette, a true mix of grays, blues and greens. Choosing a lighter green for your home will complement its natural surroundings without distracting the eye. Acadia Rustic, a part of our Rustic Collection, [...]

Trending Siding Color Combinations for Your Home Exterior

When it comes to your home exterior update, choosing the siding color is one thing but what about the trim and accents colors? Finding the perfect complementing colors can be quite challenging. With the release of KWP’s 2020 siding color trends, we wanted to take a look at our favorite color combinations for your [...]


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