By now, most of us have our Holiday decorations and lighting up for us to enjoy.  However, in today’s hectic world, it is not unheard of to wait until the last minute.  Between work, kids and social commitments, time can be pretty scarce.

Outdoor Lights

Hanging your lights can be an easy fix.  Here are a few tips to lighting up your home’s exterior:

  • Plan your design – What is your focal point?  It’s best to start with an overall game plan.
  • Measure your lights – Will they cover the area you’ve chosen?
  • Check your lights! Make sure none are damaged and run your test to see if they all work from last year!
  • Set a timer to turn them off to avoid the bright lights at 2am.

Dress Up the Indoors

Don’t forget you can enjoy decorations indoors as well.  By no means, do these need to be extravagant ideas to bring the festive feeling to your home.  Check this out!  We love these ideas provided by Real Simple.  Your home will be ready in no time!