We have all heard that grays are the new neutrals. They seem to be on everyone’s list of must-have colors from fashion to the movies, grays are everywhere!

Although we are big fans of our tamer grays, we wanted to highlight one of our more complex shades: Cactus. Normally, Cactus brings to mind a shade of green; however, our wood siding color has a little more to offer.

A deep full-bodied color, Cactus is a unique shade. Combining a dark green with smoky-gray gives this shade depth and dimension. The wood grain in the panel will further intensify the complexity of this color.

Perfect Combinations

This green-gray color also plays well with bold hues and is perfectly suited for contemporary designs. Pairing Cactus with a statement colored door, perhaps a red one, as well as adding crisp white trims will further enhance the essence of this brooding green. For a more traditional look, combine Cactus with earth tones such as Khaki, Acadia and Coffee, these colors will elevate the green tone of Cactus, making it a more organic shade.

As you can see, this color is quite multi-dimensional; it plays well with a multitude of shades as well as with other exterior finishes. Don’t be afraid of combining this wood siding color with other materials from vinyl siding to aluminum or stone accents, Cactus will hold its own. In fact when pairing it with stone, select shades of gray as it will help create a sophisticated overall look.

Whether you are thinking of remodeling or building your dream home, choosing this one-of-a-kind color will definitely make it stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Your home is not just a house; it is an extension of your personality. Showcase your distinctive style with this breathtaking shade.

Dig Deeper

Curious to see how this shade will suit your home? Try our exterior design tool, Home Designer 2.0 to find out!

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