When it comes to exterior color schemes, changing the color of your siding can not only add tremendous curb appeal, but increase value too.  So whether you are remodeling your exterior to increase your resale value and bump up your curb appeal, or simply want to enhance your home’s aesthetics, making the right design choices can be overwhelming.

Here are a few tips to narrow down your selections:

  • Build an exterior palette around the elements of the house that won’t change, such as roofing materials and stone or brick components. You can pick contrasting but complementary colors to highlight architectural elements and add dimension.
  • Choose hues that are compatible with your neighborhood, architectural style and natural setting to blend your house visually with its surroundings.
  • Keep in mind, exterior colors shift depending on how the light hits them and can look different than they do on the color chip. Check out your samples throughout the day until you’re comfortable with your choice.
  • At KWP, we teamed up with the industry’s top designers to bring you our exclusive Color Trends! Stay tuned for the upcoming Color Trends 2017!
  • Lastly, make sure to use our Home Designer 2.0. We’ve made it easy to design and visualize your remodeling or new construction projects.

Follow these tips, you will be sure to find your individual style and will make the statement you were looking for.