We all know that dark siding shades have seen an incredible increase in popularity over the last few years. The timeless neutrals have even branched out to include a variety of gray tones further establishing them as a safe go-to choice. But what if your favorite colors are rich and dark. We mean brooding, stormy shades. Don’t worry we have you covered in more ways than one.

First off selecting a deep, luxurious color will instantaneously elevate the look of your home.  Not only will it be on trend, it will also stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. In 2018, Zillow (real estate Database Company) compiled all the homes sold in the US, filtered them by color and noticed that on average dark siding colored homes sold for $10,000 more than their lighter counterparts. No one will say no to a little more green in their pockets!

The Impact of Dark Siding Colors

Color can change the style of your home, well somewhat. If your home reflects more of a traditional look, choosing a bold, dark color will bring a contemporary element to it. We have seen Victorian homes in San Francisco redone in dark grays and lighter trims, such a dramatic makeover that captivates the eye immediately. The contrast of style and use of color is unexpected which makes even more attractive.

Darker shades are great a camouflaging “flaws”, not only does this apply to clothing it also rings true with the house exterior. If you have an odd architectural element that you definitely do not want to highlight, consider cladding it in a darker shade and play up your focal points with a contrasting shade. This will draw the eye to the element you want to highlight.

Looking to find the perfect dark siding color for your project? Take a look at our selection.