Smaller details, like trim and corners, are often overlooked when it comes to adding curb appeal.   However, there is no denying that choosing the perfect design details will dial up your home’s curb appeal to the max. You will find that your home’s exterior needs that finishing touch to make it look complete.

Your windows & doors. Just better looking. 

Give your home some personality!  Trim Board adds an element of depth to your home’s exterior and can really help set it apart from the neighbors. KWP trimboard benefits include:

  • Prefinished on three sides and ready to install.
  • Won’t crack, split or rot.
  • Factory finish eliminates on-site painting.
  • Uniform thickness ensures ease of installation
  • 100% recycled wood.
  • Available in a variety of different sizes and thicknesses.
  • Free of knots and voids.
  • No lamination.
  • Unparalleled warranty
KWP Trim

Add Architectural Details with Wood Corners 

Get a seamless look with KWP’s engineered wood corner. The one-piece mitered corner (unlike others that are two pieces glued together) adds the perfect detail to your project. Plus, installing KWP engineered wood corners and narrow face trimboards has never been easier with our Nail Fin!

Enhance the Look with our Nail Fin

  • No more face nailing engineered wood corners
  • No more face nailing engineered wood narrow face trimboards
  • Easy to install
  • Eliminates Touch Ups
KWP Corner Post

Tips to consider when choosing your trim

  • Live in Color! Choose a complementary color to your siding as your trim.  We’ve carefully chosen our favorite combinations in our All Colors Section. Simply scroll down on each color page to see three options that we love with that color.
  • Bulk up. Or slim down. Take some time to decide what look your house is calling for:  a BOLD look or a SLIM Touch?  KWP trimboard widths range from 3” to 12”.
  • Take your climate into consideration.  We never know what kind of weather is coming our way.  KWP trimboard is made to withstand the elements, leaving you feeling secure for the next 50 years.
  • Because you have better things to do…Imagine buying a new car and finding out you have to assemble the seat belts, stereo and steering wheel on your own. You’d be somewhat disappointed. And so would we. That’s why all KWP Engineered Wood Trim Boards are prefinished and factory painted. That means all you’ve got to do on-site is install. Simple, just the way you like it.

Start Designing!

Use our online home exterior design tool: HOME DESIGNER 2.0 to help you decide on the new look for your remodeling or new construction project. It’s easy. Just upload a picture or blueprint of your home or project, or pick from a variety of sample homes. Next, apply KWP’s siding, trims, and accessories, then add KWP’s colors. Print or download your unique design and, voila! You’re ready to go with a blueprint for your project!