Home is where your story begins.

It’s where your child takes their first step and where you will see them off to college.  Home is where we hang our hat at the end of the day and put up our feet up after a long day’s work.  It’s no wonder why we take pride in where we live and want our home to reflect our personal style.

The question is: Do you know what your style is?  Deciding that will ultimately lead to material and color choices.  Let’s take a look at different design styles to leave you inspired!

The sleek, clean lines of a #modern or #contemporary home may be what you’re looking for.  This style has open living spaces, clean, geometric lines and looks to connect the indoors with the outdoors.  Bold, dramatic colors may be your go-to here, making the statement you are seeking.  Sierra Rustic was a perfect match for this home.

#Traditional style may have the curb appeal you are searching for.  This home style can include classic accents and styling symmetry.  Colors can include soft, earth tones for an exquisitely natural, authentic look. We love the look of the Acadia Rustic seen here.

If you are near an ocean, a sea, a lake or on the riverside, your home would reflect the #coastal design and just like all the other types of homes, they can be built in pretty much any style that exists. For example, you can have a coastal home with a modern exterior design or even traditional exterior designs.  These homes can have fresh, crisp colors with bold accents (think Coffee & Thunder Blue) while staying elegant and sophisticated.   Here, we have Hampton Shakes in Granite.

Of course, the look of a suburban home will vary as well.  Its character has sophistication with a warm, traditional tone. Color choices here will blend well with the suburban landscape with soft tones and bold accents like a Maize and Yellowstone.

There are many decisions to be made when designing your home.  At times, it may seem overwhelming with so many choices available but don’t fret, your dream home can be built.  Know and stay true to your design and color style and your home will be authentically you.

Always keep in mind that the end result will be worth it.  After all, there’s no place like home.