Over the years, homeowners have searched for new ways to build in a sustainable manor. Tiny homes seem to be an interesting solution. So what is a Tiny Home? It is a home built on top of a steel chassis with axles, wheels, braking system and tow hitch. This means it can be moved around or simply parked in your backyard. A Tiny Home is similar to a caravan, the only difference is the fact that it is designed to look like a house. Why opt for a Tiny home?

It’s the sustainable choice

Tiny Homes can be built with salvaged materials collected from almost anywhere! Also, most companies who build these homes tend to use recyclable or sustainably-sourced materials. A few cladding choices for you to consider; Vinyl, Aluminum and Engineered Wood Siding. Therefore, living in a Tiny Home permits you to live comfortably, without harming the environment or depleting natural resources. It`s a win-win!

It’s affordable!

The house itself is much cheaper to build than a standard ‘fixed to the ground’ home. Mainly because of its size and the type of materials used to build it. Also, all of the other home expenses remain much less costly than those of a standard home. They consume and waste less energy, because let`s be real, it doesn’t take much to heat or cool a living space the size of your closet!


While there a many options for all the minimalists out there, a tiny house will force you to lead a simpler life! Living in a small space means owning less. It also means, spending less time upgrading, maintaining, cleaning, etc. To a minimalist, all this extra stuff just means more weight on our shoulders. Only after this weight is removed, do we realize how little we need to be happy and how much more time we have on our hands to do the things we love!

The power of color

Some of us still find size versus functionality to be a constant struggle. Good news; by choosing lighter siding, your home will look bigger! The reflective properties of the light colors can visually make a house look larger than it actually is. By choosing KWP colors such as Coffee, Acadia and Khaki, your home will look that much bigger! For more color tips, visit Find the perfect color for your home.

Size Matters

Another point to consider is the size of your siding profile. Choosing a thinner profile will provide the illusion of height. See Finding The Perfect Wood Siding Profile for more tips!

All in all, tiny homes remain a very interesting living option for those who are looking to go green, change their lifestyle, or simply save a few extra dollars… without necessarily having to compromise all that much on size!