When it comes to your home exterior update, choosing the siding color is one thing but what about the trim and accents colors? Finding the perfect complementing colors can be quite challenging. With the release of KWP’s 2020 siding color trends, we wanted to take a look at our favorite color combinations for your home exterior.

Granite Rustic Siding

One of our most popular colors, Granite Rustic teeters between the smokiest of grays and a true black. This shade can be combined with a variety of colors from bright whites to warm reds, a perfect canvas for your inner artist.

Among our favorite color combinations is the pairing of Granite Rustic siding, with a Black trim and a Gray Rustic accent. A very flattering color combination which demands attention.

granite dark gray siding

Yellowstone Rustic Siding

Looking for a lighter color? Yellowstone Rustic is classic shade reminiscent of autumn’s breathtaking foliage. A mixture of brown, yellow with a hint of black creates this perfect natural shade. Bring a touch of nature home! Marry this hue with darker trims to further enhance its complexity.

One of our favorite color combinations is Yellowstone Rustic siding, paired up with a Black trim and a Maize accent. This combination will add an inviting and welcoming feel to any home exterior!

Commercial Brown Siding

A dark classic color, Commercial Brown features subtle red undertones. A shade that truly brings forth bold richness and warmth. This color will pull together the shades alongside it. This deep brown siding will definitely make a strong statement without being loud. We can complement the earthiness of this color by pairing it with lighter neutral shades to create a strong elegant look.

One of our personal favorites is the use of Commercial Brown siding, paired up with a Khaki trim and Almond accent.

In need of some more inspiration? Check out our other favorite color combinations, available here!

kwp provincial vertical siding in commercial brown